Shipping and payment

Payment methods

The store accepts a variety of payment methods. Click on a payment method below to find out more:

  • Credit Cards or Debit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Barclaycard Visa
  • PayPal Credit

Note: Business lease, wire transfers, cashier's checks, and money orders are ineligible payment methods for pickup items.

Some payment types are ineligible for orders shipping to multiple addresses. If you are using an ineligible payment type for an order shipping to multiple addresses, you will need to change the payment method, or ship your order to a single address.

Using more than one payment card

You can also combine payment methods to pay for your purchase. Choose from the following combinations of credit cards:

  • Credit card(s) - up to two
  • Gift Card(s) - up to eight
  • Gift Card(s) + one credit card

During checkout, if you are paying with a gift card issued by a credit card company, you can combine it with one credit card.


Shipping is free on all orders. We uses the best carriers in the business to make sure your order gets to you on time. From the Secure Checkout page you'll see your item description, price and delivery timing.

Free two-day shipping

Free two-day shipping is available on in-stock items. You can see in your cart if your item is in stock. Free two-day shipping is not available on customized, engraved products, and for certain order types, including orders paid for with financing or by bank transfer.

To get free two-day shipping, you will need to place your order by 4pm EST, Monday to Friday. Please refer to the table below to see when your item will arrive:

  • Order before 5:00pm EST, Monday to Friday → Delivers in two business days
  • Order before 5:00pm EST on a Friday → Delivers on Tuesday
  • Order after 5:00pm EST, Monday to Friday → Delivers in three business days
  • Order after 5:00pm EST on a Friday, or any time on Saturday or Sunday → Delivers on Wednesday
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